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The War Z Now On Steam

By Merc18-12-2012

The War Z showed up on Steam today and you can buy it right now. The beta itself had been used to raise money and Hammerpoint is not yet calling it an official release, but a “foundation release”. Who knows what that actually means, but there it is. On the War Z Steam page you can buy three different packages to gain access. The higher priced versions will get you larger amounts of gold coins to spend in the shop where you can buy various items.

There will be a ton of new updates according to the developers and if you already owned the game before it was released on Steam, you can still get access to that version. Here are the instructions for that.

It has been awhile since I have played The War Z and this may get me to try it one more time. It will be interesting to see if they add anything to the game that will make it worth paying for a long time, or if it’s still plagued with game breaking issues. It is hard to say until I play it again, but my expectations need to be reasonable. Will this get you to try The War Z, let us know in the comments.

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Posts: 32

This game has been getting a lot of flack on Steam. Half the features on the page aren't implemented, and its seems to be the worst of suspicions has been confirmed. Seems to be a weak and hastily made Day-Z bandwagon game built on the studio's previous game engine.

Posts: 223

I think the kill or be killed aspect is not so much to do with the game but the paranoia and moral choices of the player themselves. Yes, the game is a zombie game at heart, but its also a survival game, and survival of the fittest is something taken quite literally with a lot of the community.

Posts: 237

Nah, i dont think this is my kind of a game, i dont like the fact that humans hunt humans more than zombies...