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The War Z Is Back On Steam

By Merc27-02-2013

Talk about a game that continues to get pitiful breaths of air pumped into its lifeless zombie corpse. The War Z has been beyond controversial, it has also received extremely negative reviews including our own. The game was put onto Steam and not surprisingly people got their pitchforks out because of the incredibly misleading store page due to which (among other issues) it got taken down. In an underwhelming (just like the game) announcement, you can now reluctantly purchase The War Z on Steam again. On the Steam forums people are predictably still not on board with The War Z, by all accounts it is barely a functional game. Maybe Valve should have completely written this game off, it is really doing their image no favors with fans. What are your thoughts on The War Z returning to Steam? Let us know in the comments.

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I feel sorry for all who bought the game...