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The Votes Are In - Free Healthcare And Torture For All!

By MrJenssen12-10-2013

Divinity: Dragon Commander was a strange mix of many genres, a mix one wouldn't think could work, but developer Larian Studios proved our review panel wrong. Though the elements of the real time/turn-based strategy and dogfighting genres were the two main aspects at play, the game also had a robust decision-making system as well. Depending on your decisions, you would please some of your ministers, while others would be displeased by them. There was rarely an option to make everyone shut the hell up with their whining.

Now, Larian Studios are doing what Telltale Games did with The Walking Dead; showing us what decisions players actually made throughout the game. It would seem that, while the moral compass of most gamers remains intact - voting yes to institute government-funded healthcare and denying genetic modification of foetuses to create super soldiers - 70% of players wanted to restrict the freedom of the press, and 50% felt it was alright to let the inquisition go ahead and torture their prisoners at will. Odd.

Incidentally, Larian Studios have cut off 40% of the game's price on Steam for the remainder of the week. You know, probably just a pure coincidence.

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It does have a few problems, but it is a good package.