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The Vikings are Here

By Grawne17-04-2014

War of the Vikings has landed! Billed as a 'skill-based combat game,' Vikings has exited Early Access and hit the shelves (and every major online marketplace). There are three different options for purchase: the standalone game at $24.99, the "Blood Eagle" edition for $34.99 and the Valhalla edition for a whopping $174.99. The Blood Eagle edition adds a digital art book, deluxe soundtrack, two unique in-game items (one being a helmet), giftable bonus loot, and the first DLC archetype, the Shield maiden.  The Valhalla edition includes all of the above, plus a lifetime pass to all future game content and DLC. This early on, the Valhalla edition looks to be something of a leap of faith, but one would hope they designed it to be a cost-effective solution for acquiring their future content.

To celebrate the game's official release, five new game maps have been added:

Stronghold – a Viking Village under siege featuring ferocious combat inside, outside, under and on top of buildings with a multitude of tactical options. (Available in Team Death Match, Conquest and Pitched Battle modes)

Tide – the Viking longboats have been stranded on a beach close to a large cave with a Saxon force nearby (Available in Team Death Match and Arena modes)

Ice Floe – Vikings and Saxons go toe-to-toe on a desolate ice floe surrounded by freezing water and icebergs. (Available in Team Death Match and Arena modes)

Ravine – located in the middle of a dense forest stands a monstrous ravine responsible for sending many a brave warrior to Valhalla! (Available in Conquest, Team Death Match and Pitched Battle)

Ruins – Tense and close-quarters battles set in remote forest ruins. (Available in Team Death Match and Arena modes)

Ready for some bloody Viking action? Go buy the game!

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