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The View from The Black Tower

By Kelevandos31-05-2013

Do you remember TBT: The Black Tower, a Final Fantasy 7'ish game we wrote about earlier? Well, my opinion on it was quite harsh back then, but after seeing the newly-started IGG campaign and the above trailer, I admit being a bit unfair. So, let us see some more of the gameplay that is supposed to be a tribute to Cloud's adventures, rather than a mere copy!

The game's plot follows Yan, the guy with a big sword, on his quest related to the mysterious black cube. We will get to traverse the world of Terra, both on foot and in vehicles, completing quests, collecting equipment and fighting FF-like battles – all in the PSX style, but high resolution! The battle system is what got my attention, as it will feature a unique cooperation of 6 characters – 3 of them in the field, with the others supporting from the rear lines. With the skill tree for everyone, the whole system seems to allow lots of customization, and this is something a true jRPG gamer cannot simply walk by! The promise to make the battles begin and end fluently (thus not wasting the gamers' precious time) is also very interesting.

As said before, the game is barely in alpha, the developers collecting suggestions and introducing new ideas. When finished, TBT will provide the player with around 15 hours of gameplay, with a deep story and an interesting setting.

But whether it will or will not come to existence at all depends on you, dear gamers! The funding threshold is sure high, set to an astonishing amount of 330 000 Euros, but it would only mean that the French guys know the price of their work. It still has 42 days left for funding, so make sure to check the IGG campaign and add a few cents if you find TBT: The Black Tower interesting enough! Hypocritical as it may seem, I will!

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