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The Transition from Horror to Action

By Toast01-10-2013

Many have wondered about the move of the Resident Evil franchise from Survival/Horror to Action. People have blamed plenty of things such as the lack of imagination from Capcom, the modern industry of simplified games, or increased appeal to everyone such as the casual crowd. Well we actually now have an official answer from the man himself, Shinji Mikami the series creator. Speaking to IGN, he revealed the motives behind the change:

"The Resident Evil remake is actually one of my favorites of the series too. But it didn't sell very well. Maybe there weren't many people ready to accept that. Because of the reaction to the Resident Evil remake, I decided to work more action into Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 4 would have been a more scary, horror-focused game if the remake had sold well. That all came out of the commercial failure of the Resident Evil remake. And then of course Resident Evil 4 sold really well. I have kind of a lingering trauma there, because the Resident Evil remake didn't sell – much more than people would think."

That reasoning doesn't make a lot of sense, but it still could be the true. The least that could have been done was to try and port it to more than just the rather niche Gamecube, but alas that idea never came to fruition. You'd honestly think after the rather mixed general opinion of Resident Evil 6 and the success of Resident Evil Revelations, that they'd want to try and focus more on horror. Let us know below what you think about what Shinji has said.

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