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The Tokyo Pain Show

By Doubleplus26-09-2014

Whether you can't understand Japanese or just want to hear Kiefer Sutherland's voice (I sure don't), I have great news for you: The English versions of the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailers from The Tokyo Game Show have been released, which means you too can now fully dig into the 30 delicious minutes of gameplay footage showing off a plethora of new things. One such feature revealed (Alongside Snake's bare chest) is the Buddy system, which allows you to bring one of Boss's friends along with you, including Quiet, the mute sniper who seems to be made out of sheer kickass as she snipes grenades into helicopters for you.

During your mission as Big Boss, you will come across an adorable puppy. You'll of course do the natural thing: Fulton it to Motherbase. Over the course of The Phantom Pain, the cute puppy with grow into a ferocious and loyal fully grown, eye-patched hound named DD you can also bring along with you. At this rate who knows what will be revealed next? How about a release date for Ground Zeroes on PC? Please, Mr. Kojima?

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@NAG3LT The Metal Gear Rising port was FANTASTIC so I have high hopes for MGSV

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Teh graffix! Best grafucks EVAR?!

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Looks interesting so far. I just hope that the PC version will be done well.