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The Titan Falls Close To The Tr...uhh, PC

By Bobfish30-10-2013

In a surprising move, Microsoft and EA have signed a deal to retain Titanfall as a title exclusively available on Microsoft platforms. Even more surprising, this includes the PC for once. Nor is this a so called timed exclusive, this is a lifetime agreement that ties the game (though not the series as yet) to the 360, Xbone and PC. But perhaps the most surprising thing of all, is that EA seem to have done this without notifying Respawn first.

As the publisher and license holder they (EA) of course have the authority to make such agreements. But, seriously, come on now. Have you learned nothing? It's not about what you do, it's the way you do it. Like closing down Victory Games because the CnC playtesters didn't like the game they were making. All of this skulking around in the shadows, so to speak, just puts peoples backs up.

On the other hand, the inclusion of the PC does bring with it a degree of comfort for us, as it at least suggests that the development team are targeting our beloved platform as a major contender, rather than just another obligatory port job. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure what to make of all this. It's left me extremely conflicted.

What about everyone else? A good move, or another dick move by EA?

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Posts: 1548

I have a feeling PC support is due to Origin. EA know that Titanfall might be bigger than BF4 and that it will attract a lot of people to PC and in turn a lot of people to Origin.

Posts: 3290

@NAG: Honestly, I expect it to push them in the opposite direction. Make them focus more on their consoles, for gaming, and leave Windows for the average user. That's if they react to it at all

Posts: 267

Hopefully Steam OS will push Microsoft to support gaming on Windows more and correctly (with no more awful GfWL followers).

Posts: 3290

Microsoft have been known to make efforts to stop games going to the PC as well though. Think about it. Although most people play on Windows, they lose out on the license fee ($12ish) they get for Xbox sales with PC

Posts: 124

The decision to release on PC doesn't really rely on MSoft to be fair, they just didn't want EA to make the game on the PS3/PS4, mentioning PC was just for street cred.