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The Thief Taker Tickles Temptation

By Bobfish11-02-2014

Ooh, alliteration, always a great way to start the day. Of course, the fact it's now close on the end of the working day is irrelevant. If trailers for games can be completely devoid of game, news can be devoid of logic. So here we are, back again, with yet more hype for Thief, that doesn't actually tell us anything about the game. Okay, granted, it comments a lot on the narrative and tone, but by this stage in the game (pun intended) we really want to know about the game amirite?

This does all look quite interesting, suggesting a very gothic, grim setting that will touch on the class divide and righteous bigotry. But something about it just does not ring true. If the game is as good as these trailers are trying to make it out to be, why don't they, y'know, show us more of the game? Check it out for yourself, you'll see what we mean.

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