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The Technomancer – First Contact

By WskOsc30-10-2015

The Technomancer is a post apocalyptic RPG set on Mars. You'll be playing one of the titular technomancers, Zachariah as you wander around Mars doing various questing related things. The new trailer, above, shows off some of some of Zachariah's fighting moves for two of his three combat stances as well as the surprisingly large four-directional skill tree – which we've briefly covered before.

It also reveals that The Technomancer will be an open world game where you'll have companions, crafting and ends with a shot of the huge alien we've also seen before in screenshots. Congratulations Spiders, you've got our interest piqued for The Technomancer and anyone of a similar mind can stay tuned for more info as we get it.

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I do hope this is set in the same universe as War Logs. I love that game