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The Tech Driving Caribbean Assassination

By MrJenssen13-09-2013

Another week, another promotional bragging video for Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. This one goes into some detail on the various new technological advancements are supposedly that intend to bring new life to the franchise.

So far, I've felt rather unimpressed by the visuals shown in the various trailers Ubisoft have released. This is a nice change of pace, as it shows that it's more than just technologically proficient. It also looks quite atmospheric, something I think most will agree, is important when you set a game in the Caribbean.

Now let's just hope they don't screw up the PC-version's performance on launch like every other AC game so far.

Black Flag launches on November 1, worldwide.

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Still looks like a generic console game with poor visuals and cheap effects cutting corners and copy pasting and the ships have V8 engines and REALLY AWFUL "destruction"