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The Tale Of The Black Flag

By Kelevandos13-05-2013

As if Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag did not get enough attention, Ubisoft keeps showering us with great materials on the game. In recently released video we are served the very foundations of the game's story. It describes the origins of the Golden Era of Piracy, which bore witness to the rise of famed captains like Blackbeard or Calico Jack. As usual for Ubi, the little trailer is as beautiful as it is epic, making it really hard to accept the fact there is still quite some time left until the game's release.

In other news, Ubisoft will be releasing a second Ubicollectible figurine this October, connected with the game's release. The already revealed Edward Kenway: The Assassin Pirate will be joined by Blackbeard The Legendary Pirate, soon to be available for pre-order on Uplay. Yarr!

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As a huge fan of 2003's forgotten (flawed) gem Pirates of the Caribbean (aka Sea Dogs 2), AC4 has got me slightly hyped. The theme in and of itself is cool, but it's the potential. If they can take the ship-combat from AC3, improve and expand upon it and implement some other free-roaming stuff... perhaps like being able to literally sail your ship to other islands... Man, that'd be great...