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The Stick of Proof

By PeterChi03-02-2014

The long-awaited and much delayed South Park game, The Stick of Truth will be smashing itself onto Steam on March the 4th. Fortunately The Stick of Truth looks like it could be pretty fantastic if the animation in these trailers is anything to go by.

The Stick of Truth is an RPG that will feature a massive amount of the cast of the TV show, and hopefully just as much of the humour. The script was written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone which should be enough for you to know that it will be very funny.

Originally under the ill-fated THQ, The Stick of Truth was picked up by Ubisoft who decided it was best that we all have access to The Stick of Truth. When asked by me what I thought it would be like, I said "Awesome. It will probably be awesome."

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Posts: 28

Haha. $60 is about 40 euros. They're also not using Uplay, oddly enough.

Posts: 1317

Not too sure about this game. Might turn out great, but we'll see. Seems to be the ultimate fan-service for the South Park fans anyway.

... But it's Obsidian, so there will be bugs. And it's Ubisoft, so it'll guaranteed have that Uplay DRM, even when purchasing on Steam. And that price? $60? Jeez. I'm at least glad they're only charging €40 here in Europe.