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The Squeenix Revolution

By Bobfish28-05-2013

Square Enix have announced three key steps they plan to take to maximise profits for their 'Triple A' game development. This was actually detailed some time ago, when they announced their $134 million loss, but was only recently translated into English. A speech given by Yosuke Matsuda, the companies Seniour Executive Managing Director, detailed some news which, to we PC gamers, could be a very good development indeed. Specifically, the importance of Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight as important steps in their future interaction with consumers and stating a much stronger focus on the the PC as a major, if not lead, platform.

"We're no longer in an age where customers are left in the dark until a product is completed. We need to shift to a business model where we frequently interact with our customers for our products that are in development and/or prior to being sold, have our customers understand games under development, and finally make sure we develop games that meet their expectations. I think it is necessary to review the definition of 'AAA Title,' and we need to pursue a new type of blockbuster title, in addition to the conventional-type of blockbuster."

What this wil mean in the long run still remains to be seen of course, but I, for one, would be glad to see Square throwing more love our way. If for no other reason than not blackmailing me into purchasing a games console I don't really want to play their games. Now I only have to worry about Team Ico doing that...but I digress. What does everyone else think of this? Leave your thoughts below.

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More like 3 parts PR, with a caveat to one of those parts being "we might not be total dickbags anymore"

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So it's 2 parts PR, 1 part maybe sucking less?