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The Spies Of Blacklist

By MrJenssen30-07-2013

Veterans to the Splinter Cell franchise should already be well known with the Spies vs. Mercs multiplayer mode. We've already covered the return of the classic SvM mode here on PixelJudge, but we haven't yet heard all that much about the new and expanded 'Spies vs. Mercs Blacklist' mode that will also be featured in the upcoming sixth iteration of the Splinter Cell franchise.

Well, that's about to change. The video above shows some spy-gameplay from the new Blacklist SvM mode at Comic Con. As the video details, the new mode will supposedly be more fast-paced than the classic mode, and features matches of up to eight players, four on each team. Blacklist SvM will also have more features in the way of loadouts and classes, where you're not just either a spy or merc, but can be a subclass of each as well. The Predator subclass for the spies has the ability to turn virtually invisible, for example.

At its core, it's still the same mode. The intention of Blacklist SvM really seems to just be all about tweaking the core mechanics to make a bigger and faster experience than before, where the mistakes you make won't be as devastating as in the Classic SvM mode. Check out the video above for the full scoop on the spies. We'll let you know when part two releases, where we'll get more info on the mercenaries.

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