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The Sounds of Mars

By Bobfish03-08-2013

Well, Spiders are certainly Focused (hehe) in ensuring that their Martian epic does not go unnoticed. The latest step in that is to make the entire soundtrack, forty-four tracks, available as a free download. And let me tell you, Mars: War logs has a great soundtrack. It may not have the grandiosity that some would prefer, but it has so much atmosphere and mood you can feel it oozing into your brain through your aural (that's a fancy, science type word for ear things) passageways.

On top of the ground up rewrite and new vocal tracks recorded ahead of the imminent console release, this small, highly talented team have shown a great deal of dedication to their work. Something that puts a lot of the larger Bethesda's who shall remain unnamed. The only thing I'm left waiting for now, is more details on their next effort, the high fantasy epic Bound by Flame. And a fervent desire to see Roy Temperance return in a full fledged sequel.

Fingers crossed.

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Free stuff is always nice

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Yeey, free stuff.