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The Sleeper Has Awoken

By Bobfish29-03-2013

No, that has nothing to do with Paul Atreides. There's a gameplay trailer for the upcoming psychological thriller Among the Sleep. This one has been quiet for so long you could be forgiven for thinking the dev team at Krillbite had all gone to sleep. Which is probably why they put this one out to ensure us they hadn't.

At present projecting a fourth quarter 2013 release, with plans for a Kickstarter drive to begin in April. For those who have never heard of this, it looks to be one of the most uniquely disturbing...things to hit any medium. Taking place from the perspective of a toddler after being put to sleep for the night, you start out in your crib. Peering timidly through the bars, trying to catch a glimpse of whatever made that odd noise and really, really hoping you don't. Even the very concept is frightening.

This one deserves a lot of attention. A true innovation that promises a great deal of actual horror that will put the supposed horror franchise to shame. Check out the trailer and give us your thoughts from the dubious refuge of the comments section below.

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