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The Skaven Face Off Against the Dwarves in Blood Bowl 2

By ElderCub02-09-2015

Welcome to Blood Bowl 2 ladies and gentlemen. The wacky game of American Football set in the magical world of Warhammer. Tonight we have facing off of course are the nimble Skaven, and the diminutive yet tough Dwarfs. While the Dwarfs are a little on the slow side, they're still to put up a fight. They're tough, well armored, and just refuse to die. Wearing down the enemy is their game, so stay out of their way. Staying out of the way is exactly the Skavens' tactic. Quick but weak, Skavens will slip through enemy lines and score touchdowns like nobody's business.

Available for pre-order now, you can get the additional races of Wood Elf and Lizardmen as well as gain access to the closed beta multiplayer starting next week. Powered by a new graphics engine, Blood Bowl 2 will have story driven solo campaigns, a persistent league mode, and a marketplace where coaches can buy and sell their unique players. Blood Bowl 2 will launch September 22 for PS4, Xbox One, and of course PC.

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