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The Sixth Age Dawns Soon

By Kelevandos03-07-2013

Runescape 3, the previously mentioned huge update for one of the most popular browser-based MMOs ever, was just given an official release date! Make sure to log in on 22th of July to fully experience the power of HTML5 and the effects it has on the world of Gielinor!

The most obvious change will be the graphics engine, now taking full advantage of HTML5. The player will be able to rotate the camera freely to feast their eyes on higher-resolution textures and dynamic shadows. The UI has been overhauled, too, allowing for much more customization than before. If you are a member and want to check out these two elements, there is an open beta going on. What else?

Jagex boasts a completely new audio engine with its own, separate server, which will allow high-quality pieces to be streamed to the player. And some of the music has been recorded in a professional opera hall, with the help of the National Slovak Orchestra! Makes one curious how good it can be, eh?

There will also be some lore updates, the biggest one being the Battle of Lumbridge – a huge, stretched in time world event in which the players will decide the future of the land. We will surely get more information on this in the upcoming weeks.

Last but not least, Runescape will be getting 26th skill to train! Called Divination and based on shaping the divine energy left after the death of Gutix, it will be implemented about a month after the RS3 update.

Runescape sure does have its flaws, but after trying out the beta, I must admit it is really impressive for a browser game. Let's just hope Jagex will focus on implementing such meaningful updates, rather than introducing more and more pay-to-win options, in the likes of the recently added Crown of Seasons. It would be a shame if they ruined such a game.

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