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The Sith Among Us: Episode 1

By KamikazeGoomba02-11-2013

While holding a Reddit AMA on Tuesday, Telltale Games founders, Dan Connors and Kevin Bruner, hinted at some potential future projects for the company. They mostly just mentioned the way the development process works when making their games in episodic format. But most notable of all, was Bruner's mention of wanting to do Telltale adaptation of Star Wars. According to him:

"I'll also say a Telltale Star Wars game would make me VERY happy," Bruner said in the AMA. He then hinted that, "We've got some IP coming up that pretty much checks all of my personal  favorites, which absolutely amazes/honors me."

Apart from this making the 8 year old me squeal like a pre-teen girl at a One Direction concert, it also saddens me that I'm too pessimistic to believe that this could happen. EA holds that particular piece of Star Wars pie, and I doubt them to be the type to share without making some DLC and additional costumes for sale. It'd probably be best if Telltale would just avoid them at all cost.

Some might say that this would just ruin the Star Wars franchise, but then I could just point at Attack of the Clones and shut them up. As far as I'm concerned, Star Wars hit rock bottom long ago and a Telltale adaptation could only cause the series to go up from there. But then again, maybe Telltale should just keep doing what they're doing with the Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. They've done nothing but great things there, and diverting resource for a third project could generate some less appetizing results on what they already have.

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