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The Simpsons Meets Minecraft

By Spellbound13-04-2014

Yes, it would seem, and quite effectively too.  

The intro to the cult TV show has been remade in Minecraft before, but never the other way around...until now.

The goofy Simpsons intro features the four central characters homeward bound in a very cubic rendition of Springfield.  There are burning tires, an angular doughnut, and a creeper Moe.

The creator of Minecraft, Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, doesn’t seem to know how to feel about this.  In a tweet, he confesses to not truly having caught up with the craze his game has created.  Who can blame him?  Minecraft sold millions of copies on the PC alone, a rather unexpected turn of events for a game that was ‘made at home’, as Notch puts it.  I guess the money doesn’t hurt.

Enjoy some Simcraft! (Parodies are easy)


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