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The Silicon Knight has Fallen Epically

By Toast14-01-2014

What the hell am I on about? Well, there was originally a rather complex lawsuit filling from Silicon Knights (that’s a game studio, not a band of real Knights) against Epic Games, which ended up with Epic turning the tables with a successful counter-suit. The details are that Silicon Knights originally started with SK’s sudden decision that Epic were holding back a superior version of Unreal Engine 3 for their own use and delivering the commercial version for 3rd party developers 6 months late, back in 2007. Of course this led to the lawsuit being filed against Epic who then countered the lawsuit with their own legal proceedings into claims of the developer using the licensed engine for more than one development project.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be true which is a breach of the terms and conditions, therefore they needed to destroy all their unsold copies of games that used Unreal Engine 3, these included the 360 exclusive Too Human and console exclusive X-men Destiny. Which now leads us to current affairs, with the case being finalised and the court ruling that SK is to not only pay the legal fees for Epic (estimate of $5 million), but the damages which total at $4.45 million. However, the studio may have a problem with paying the grand total of around $9 million.

Apparently, they ‘closed down’, which certainly seems likely due to the offices being an empty derelict at this moment in time. Former head of the studio Denis Dyack joined up with Precursor games, developing a sequel to Silicon Knight’s Eternal Darkness which is titled Shadow of the Eternals. Unfortunately the Kickstarter ran into some difficulties. It did however remerge itself after the first failed attempt but since the Kickstarter failed, they decided to take a break back in September 2013. Whatever it means, it doesn’t look too hopeful for the project’s future.

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