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The Silence of the Hills

By Bobfish29-04-2015

So, by now, I'm sure we've all heard. Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima will not be making Silent Hills after all. Which leaves you wondering, I'm sure, why we're even talking about this. Well, because I'm a Silent Hill fan, and I've never been one to let brevity, or lack thereof, dictate what I can and cannot say. And because I'm about the only person in the universe who doesn't think it's a bad think. Yeah, how's that for clickbait?

Seriously though, I'm actually rather glad of it. Not the part about there being no new Silent Hill, that part sucks. But so have the recent games, so better the suck of nothing, than something that sucks donkey balls. Granted, Downpour was...better, but it was still a pale shadow of the Silent Hill I know and love. And for all the hype, Silent Hills was looking to continue that trend. There were just a lot of people looking past it because of Kojima. Who is one of the very worst people to have involved in something like that.

"Alessa, you will be the Mother of the nanomachine!"

Okay, so Kojima isn't that bad, but his writing talents are, shall we say, significantly overstated. Concepts are great, but his actual narrative? Yeah, just no. Whilst the loss of Norman Reedus, well, he's popular pretty much solely because of Daryl. Who is a character that would fit poorly in a Silent Hill game, meaning he, for all his not insignificant talent, is still only another actor who can be replaced. It's the quality of the writing that makes a Silent Hill game.


Meaning the only real loss is that of del Toro, which does kinda' suck I won't deny. But even there, he's never actually made a game before, so really, what is all the fuss about? What little we saw, in the PT demo, was atmospheric and creepy, hell yeah. But it was more like REC than Silent Hill. And the teaser trailer we got? A giant worm anus shitting out some deformed creature? That's definitely not Silent Hill. That's something out of any old 'horror' film.

Because, again, Silent Hill, is about the writing. And the setting. The 'monsters' are importanly only in what they symbolise to the protagonist, never in and of themselves. Which is where the recent games have gone wrong. They tried to make it all about the weirdy weirds for the sake of being weird. Which is, be honest, all we really saw from this now cancelled project. So, in the end, it's really not such a big loss.

Even if it does still suck.


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Posts: 3290

I'm hoping del Toro can get the rights for a film, and cast Reedus in that. It's about time we had a Silent Hill movie that doesn't suck

Posts: 29

I like Norman Reedus so I'm kinda bummed out :/ but yeah, this is probably for the best.