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The Shadows of Auriga Have Come to Endless Legend

By zethalee03-09-2015

Bringing a new faction, units, gameplay mechanics, and a whole bevy of bugfixes, Endless Legend's latest expansion looks to add further depth to an already massive and engaging 4X game. The biggest feature, and one that the community likely has been asking for some time is the addition of "espionage," a must-have for any 4X game centered around political maneuverings and tactical combat. By sending your heroes to other empires and cities, you can gather information, steal, sabotage production, assassinate figures, and capture units. What's espionage without a way to defend yourself, however? Heroes can be given "Scope" accessories, which unlock counter-espionage abilities, in addition to the normal spying skills.

That's not all, of course. The latest Major Faction added in Shadows, the Forgotten, make full use of the new mechanics, in addition to being able to natively use invisibility, a trait other empires must acquire for their heroes. The Forgotten have their own unique units and rely on stealth and misdirection to accomplish their shadowy goals.

Pillaging for armies, dual-wielding for heroes, and a very long list of changes come alongside the other new content. For now, anyone looking to sneak around the battlefield can pick up Shadows on Steam for €12,99 / £9.99 / $12.99.

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