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The Settlers - Kingdoms of Announcement

By drcoolio34524-06-2014

Ubisoft makes strategy games you ask? Why yes, apparently it does we say! The Settler's, Ubisoft's "world famous building strategy franchise," was just announced to be coming out with another game.

The only thing that we know for sure is that Settler's has been confirmed for release later in this year and is likely going to be a free to play browser based game similar to the previous game in the series, The Settlers Online. Other than that, Showing off a CG trailer while promising a "brand new experience full of new possibilities to explore" and telling us that this Settlers game will be "the most innovative Settlers' game we have ever created" is great and all, but it sure would be nice if Ubisoft gave us a few more facts here.

Ubisoft's social media is flooded with Assassin's Creed: Unity news and Settlers seems to have gotten the short end of the stick here as it's being overshadowed by Ubisoft's world famous old-timey assassination franchise, but as soon as more information comes out, you'll be the first to know.


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