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The Screen is the Best Part…

By breadbitten26-08-2013

Howdy-ho all you South Parketeers out there!

[This is the part where you yell "HOWDY-HOOO!" at your screen]

Itchin' for some screenshots from your most anticipated game this year? Well you're in luck! Because we have just that, and in case you doubt whether these really are shots from the upcoming Obsidian developed RPG and not just stills from the show, well, take a gander at them UI elements on some of them and then realize that these could just be stills from the show with the UI elements later superimposed—oh.

Hrrm, I guess we really can't confirm if these are actual screenshots after all. Oh well, let's just all give Ubisoft the benefit of the doubt and roll with it.

"Giggling Donkey" [Snickers]

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