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The Saints Sing at Your Inauguration

By NAG3LT06-08-2013

In any game with a character creator, some people like customising it so much that they spend hours in it before the game even starts. Just like its predecessor, Saints Row IV released its character creator – "Inauguration Station" ahead of the main game. It is already available on Steam and allows importing Saints Row the Third characters as well.

In the meantime, one of the SR4 guns has broken the fourth wall. There are only 3 Durbstep Guns Replicas made with no information about their availability to the gamers as yet. While it is not as effective at making people dance as its virtual counterpart, it tries. The 3.5 kg audio gun can accept 4 audio inputs as well as receive radio broadcasts. The list of features is mentioned in the press release:

Four inputs: Line in, SD card, 2 USB ports and radio connectivity

Pre-loaded SD card with authentic Saints Row IV dubstep tracks

Powerful rechargeable lithium ion battery providing an hour of use

Touch Button controls

Additional trigger activated play and pause function

Custom pearlescent finish

Multitude of jazzy lights

Black custom case finished in aluminum to keep the gun safe when not in use

Meanwhile, there will not be much co-operation between New Zealand and Australian SR4 players. There are no diplomatic issues at play here, only different approach to censorship. The owner of Exclusive Australian 15+ Version will not be able to play co-op with the owners of international versions.

Lastly, Complex Gaming has published an interview with the games audio director and the list of radio stations and songs appearing in Saints Row IV. There will be 109 songs playing on 7 in-game radio stations.

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