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The Saga Begins

By Bobfish14-01-2014

With The Banner Saga launching for all today, we come bearing a launch trailer. Showcasing the ebb and flow of the game surprisingly efficiently in a scant ninety seconds. Just as the game itself, the trailer focuses heavily on narrative. Taking the form of a short monologue by Alette, daughter of the game's main character Rook.

She tells a tale, speaking to her Father, of a dream she had. A dream in which none of the hardships they face existed. The video backdrop actually supporting this motif by showing the troubled caravan travelling back towards where they started. At first. But as her tone darkens, so too do the images. Showing the bloodshed and loss that still lay ahead. Turning the caravan back around and driving them deeper into the cold, desolation of the wastes. There to face their final showdown with the terrifying Bellower.

An epic trailer for a truly epic game.

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