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The Saga, The Right Saga, Will Continue

By Bobfish08-02-2014

Despite all their best efforts, King have not left Stoic bowed and broken. The power of the beard has protected them form everything they were forced to endure. So it is with a glad heart, we confirm The Banner Saga 2...is go! In an official statement of indomitable will, they proudly extended their beards in triumph and cried, we shall not be broken! We will march ever onwards. Give me victory, or give me death!

These three noble warriors, via their mastery of Facebeard, the world's pre-eminent Viking social networking site, declared their intention with all the bombasity of the most passionate bearded warrior. With such pure hearts, forged in steel and computer code, the support they have inspired is no mystery. Their efforts are straight of purpose and keen of intent. So join us, my kin, join us and soldier on to the future. Forge your own saga and sew your own banner.

Who's with me?!

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I want your Candy too bebeh

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I want my Candy Crush Saga!