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The Rift Between Consoles and the PC

By PeterChi13-11-2013

In an interview with TechRadar, the creator of the virtual reality headset Occulus Rift, Palmer Luckey, has stated that the upcoming next-gen consoles will not be supported by the OR.

Luckey said "Consoles are too limited for what we want to do," and went on to explain that neither the Xbox One nor the PlayStation 4 will have the power or the adaptability to support the Occulus Rift. While both the upcoming consoles will be locked to a set of system specifications until they are replaced, virtual reality will continue to advance, requiring more  horsepower and software adaptations.

The constant advances in mobile hardware and the Rift are also tightly woven, with Luckey having his sights set on the future Rift not necessarily being tethered to any machine. He said "...it won't be too many years before you can get a much better experience than a console in a headset that has everything built into it and is still cheaper than a console."

As exciting as Luckey's predictions are for the Rift, I can't help but feel disappointed that the next generation of consoles won't be better than they have been revealed to be. With the current practice of developers creating content for the consoles and then porting them to PC it's hard not to think that the underwhelming next-gen consoles they're developing for are going to be a major limiting factor in the advancement of both the gaming industry and PC hardware. Microsoft and Sony could have aimed for the stars when designing their latest consoles, instead they decided to pad their bottom line by filling their consoles with what is already sub-par hardware compared with high end PC's. They then charge a hefty price for the new box they put them in.

Of course if the Rift takes off in popularity over the next few years we could see a shift away from consoles. When gamers realise that virtual reality doesn't still look like it did in The Lawnmower Man perhaps they'll jump ship and board the PC ship to the future.

But then Luckey will make the Rift into its own console that doesn't need a PC and has a controlled system and developers will produce content exclusively for it and port it to the PC and we'll all be playing Angry Birds VR in Chocolate Land while PC gamers lament the downfall of their platform and the future of gaming and the soul of humanity...

I'm going back to my cave.

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