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The Revolution Will Be Next-Gen

By zethalee29-09-2015

Truly attempting to channel the feeling of being a guerilla, Homefront: The Revolution, the sequel to the somewhat lukewarmly-reviewed Homefront, offers quite a new features, all designed to make the game a more engaging experience than the first. Developed by Dambuster Studios, a subsidiary of Deep Silver, and formerly Crytek UK (and before that, Free Radical, most of whom used to work for Rare), has spent quite a bit of time working on new systems and gameplay elements designed to make you act as an agent of guerilla resistance.

Much like the first game, the North Koreans are still firmly in control of the US, though now their central base of operations is Philadelphia, following the events of the first game. Other new additions are the open-world gameplay, though aboveground, you'll be fighting to cross thirty-foot high barriers erected between sections of the city, leaving you to navigate KPA supply channels and the sewers. There's also a day-night cycle, and a dynamic weather system, that allows for some interesting environmental interactions, if you choose to use them.

Again, being as you're playing as one of the guerillas, you're going to have to choose your battles wisely, as the North Koreans have superior firepower, and technology at their disposal. As a member of the resistance, makeshift pipe bombs, explosives attached to RC cars, and firecrackers are all at your disposal in lieu of actual weaponry. Not only that, but Dambuster has put quite a bit of work into a dynamic enemy system, where it looks at the best opportunities to patrol areas, put snipers, and set up roadblocks to impede your progress.

If anything, it looks like Dambuster has put in quite the legwork to make Homefront: The Revolution a unique experience. Homefront: The Revolution is set to come out next year for modern consoles and current computer systems.

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