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The Realm - A Girl And Her Golem

By BloodyFanGirl23-04-2013

Atomhawk Design is a studio specialising in art production that has already worked on games such as Mortal Kombat, Enslaved, Dead Island and Injustice. Now the studio wants to work on an internal project called The Realm.

The Realm will be a point and click adventure game that draws inspiration from Ico, Monkey Island and Machinarium and it will tell the story of a girl called Sarina and her stone golem, Toru. The player will be given control of both characters using each one’s unique abilities in order to solve environmental puzzles.

In aid of this new project Atomhawk have launched a Kickstarter. The studio hopes to raise £195,000 through this Kickstarter campaign and hopes to release the game on PC, Mac and tablets within about eight months.

I couldn’t donate to this project fast enough. Ico is one of my favourite console games (to the point that I have written academic coursework on it) and to see a new project that takes tonal cues from it obviously pleases me. Visually the game also appears to owe at least an aesthetic debt to the films of Studio Ghibli (one of my favourite animation studios) though I wouldn’t be surprised if the game was to take further influence from these films; judging by the Totoro clock in the background of parts of the Kickstarter trailer it appears that at least some of the team working on The Realm are Ghibli fans. I’m really looking forward to playing this game and hope that Atomhawk gets the funding they’re asking for.

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Want it...no, need it. Now.

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I saw the teaser image and I already know I want this