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The Prophet Weapon

By Bobfish31-01-2013

Still can't get over how much that opening looks like the trailer for The Dark Knight. Must be a coincidence of course. It couldn't possibly be a conspiracy. But anyway, the fifth of the seven wonders of Crysis has come to light. The obligatory Nanosuit showcase. But how can they spin that out into three minutes? I mean, does it really take more than three minutes to cover everything the suit can do? Of course not, don't be silly. They spend most of the time (conspiracy) showing off what Prophet can do. Which is actually...not really as clever as they probably thought it was.

As the Proph' muses in the opening moment, "where does the suit end and the man begin?" Which is clearly the premise they're going with. See, it's not just what the suit can do, a large chunk of the footage, as well as (conspiracy) showing off the grafix! Is spent showing Prophet reacting to a fluid battle arena. Switching it up between fisticuffs, sneaky sneaky and blast the living shit out of everything that moves! It's all a terribly pretentious (conspiracy) play on the man is the suit theme. But it's a good one all the same. All of the familiar suit functions are back, which may leave some people disappointed that it's more of the same. But it's worked incredibly well for three games already, so why fix what ain't broke? If you have good reason, as always, hit up the comments below.

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It does look dayum sexy

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Actually without a HUD it looks very cool :)