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The Proph Struts His Swag

By Bobfish12-02-2013

Ever wondered what it would be like if our boy Prophet was a bigger queen than Sir Elton John? No? Well, you're going to anyway. A new trailer for Crysis 3 has popped up, with the Prophster opting for a new kind of mincing. The kind that involves being FABULOUS! Something which he does, well, fabulously. With a pelvic gyration that would put Elvis himself to shame, he minces his way through a hoard of Cell and Ceph who wouldn't know style if they knelt down in front of its massive pe...respective and took a full load (from a shotgun, get your mind out of the gutter) gleefully in the face. Which, conveniently enough, is what they get. Though it's from a bow, and there's no kneeling involved, but it amounts to the same thing. Check it out, it's undeniably the damn funniest thirty seconds of the day, then strike a pose down in the comments below girlfriend.

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Posts: 3290

Wait until you see the longer version I'm about to waggle in your face

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Hahahaha, Bobfish - you made my day with this news post :D