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The Predator Invasion

By KamikazeGoomba04-11-2013

The predator has invaded Hawken with the newest update for the game, Invasion. This update contains a plethora of new features for the game, including a new class and a game mode called Co-op Bot Destruction. The new class, Predator, will have the ability to turn invisible, see through walls, and decapitate their opponents to use their corpse a trophy. Obviously not the last one, but the Predator is quite clearly the stealth oriented class, going in for the kill from the shadows rather than up close.

"When Stalker Mode is activated, the Predator will become permanently invisible and gain the ability to see through walls. However, overall vision range is greatly reduced. Using any action that generates heat or consumes fuel while in Stalker Mode will trigger a 'Break Cooldown',  which will cause the ability to be deactivated for a short period of time. At the end of the Break  Cooldown, the ability will automatically reactivate."

Although its Stalker Mode sounds powerful, it still uses weapons that require a more tactical approach such as the remote mines. That, and the ISM Disruptor that causes other Mechs to get bad TV reception, so their screens go all fuzzy. The Co-op Bot Destruction is a wave based game mode similar to horde. It pits a group of Mechs against waves of drones, Mechs, and a boss once they've completed a wave.

I've never played Hawken, but the name, "Predator", for a class got me interested. Less so, after finding out it wasn't going to have a group of alien hunters try to destroy a Mech, but I digress.

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