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The Plot Thickens, Crytek’s Mystery

By KenpoJuJitsu319-03-2015

Yo jurors! Crytek, makers of the CryEngine series of game engines as well as games such as the Crysis series, Ryse: Son of Rome and the original Far Cry, have recently fallen on hard financial times. Not too long ago, it was noted that the company was having problems paying its employees and its Nottingham studio was shutdown.

Now, Crytek co-founder Faruk Yerli has announced that Crytek has secured funding through a licensing deal with a mystery firm. This runs counter to the wide speculation that Crytek would seek funding from an investor. Details on this licensing deal are pretty non-existent currently, but Yerli has stated that the deal "was a huge one, probably the biggest one. I can't say anything more in detail, but hopefully we'll be able to announce it with the partner soon."

Well hopefully this will be good news for the company and the gamers that enjoy their games. I've enjoyed my time with the Crysis series, Far Cry and Ryse as well so I'd like to see them put out some more games...along with continuing their scalable and very powerful CryEngine.

More news on this as it develops.

For more news on this and other games, keep sneaking other to Pixel Judge. Maximum reporting. Adjournment Engaged.


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