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The Phantom Painplay

By Bobfish20-09-2013

Well, it may still be unconfirmed if it's coming to the PC, but since Revengeance made it...anyway. The Phantom Pain gameplay? We haz it!

Now, this is from the Tokyo Game Show, which means all the commentary is in Japanese, but allow me to translate for you. It seems that, in the latest entry in the series, Snake has been replaced by an alien called Gary, who has come to Earth in search of the perfect shampoo and conditioner combo. On his home planet, Ee'chee Bols, a great epidemic of dry and flakey scalp has left the entire populace on the verge of permanent baldness. Only the great mane of the mythical Naked Snake can solve this mystery. That's totally, 100% accurate.

Actually, it's far more likely they're commenting on the (rather spiffy) lighting effects, animations, and general gameplay and stuff. If any of you, dear readers, is proficient in Japanese beyond moe, kawaii and hentai, perhaps you could translate for us? In the meantime...well, it's The Phantom Pain. What more do you need to know?

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