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The PC is Not Bungie's Destiny, For Now

By zethalee29-04-2014

Speaking to Eurogamer in an interview, design lead Lars Bakken and COO Pete Parsons reiterated their reasons why, despite rumors of a PC release circulating for some time now, Destiny will not be coming to the Windows platform on release. 

“The console SKUs [stock keeping units] are really important for us and that's what we're focusing on...” Bakken explained.  Parsons continued that sentiment, saying, “I think four platforms on day one is a lot, considering we've been a one platform team for a very long time...getting it on four in the same day is something we've never even tried before.  We wanted to get it right, and we didn't want to add in tonnes more risk.” 

With the game's release fast approaching, many PC gamers are sure to hope that Bungie does indeed get it right, so that they may too experience the far-flung future as Bungie envisions it, once more.


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It's OK, we have stuff like Revelations 2012 and Day One: Garry's Incident to keep us occupied for the time being.