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The Payday Hype Train is in the Station

By drcoolio34512-02-2015

Payday 2 is dropping yet another piece of DLC this march, but alongside it there has started a community event called "The Hype Train."

The DLC is offering the new minigun weapon, three mods for it, a rocket launcher, asking for your van, a new mask, and 10 new achievements. If that wasn't enough, anybody who preorders either DLC pack (The Overkill Pack or the Completely Overkill Pack) until March 12th will be granted "Hype Fuel" for the "Hype Train."

What's the "Hype Train" you ask? Well, it's a community event fueled by "Hype Fuel" and completed with stretch goals going until March 12th. Among the goals are new heists, enemies, and character packs. Goals range everywhere from 200,000 gallons to 2 million gallons of Hype Fuel, each boasting their own rewards of course with the 2 million reward being an official convention and tournament in Las Vegas with its own prize pool.

Visit the site yourselves here, or on the Steam page to see all the details.

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