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The Phantom Pain Has Evolved — and So Must You

By zethalee28-08-2014

As the ever-stealthy Metal Gear Solid V creeps towards its release, more and more gameplay footage has been released at various gaming conventions, the latest of which being Gamescom. The demo footage, linked above, shows a radically different approach taken to the hostage rescue mission shown at E3. Most of it was done to show off the adaptability of the Fox engine, but there are some other additions as well.

In relation to the Fox engine, for example, since the demo last time used a lot of tranquilizer headshots in order to manoeuvre to the target, the enemy this time has added a larger security detail and provided all of its soldiers with helmets to protect against that sort of thing. The player also has a few new tools at their disposal as well, with the series mainstay cardboard box being used to distract enemies long enough for a concussive takedown. Never mind that this all seems to be a bit of curious play with the AI, but since it is a stage demo, I could imagine that it would be made without a failstate in mind.

The other main feature of the demo shown off is the asymmetric multiplayer. In this, you can conduct raids on other players' "Mother Base," netting resources and guards to beef up your own. In addition, you can develop security patrols, cameras, and different platforms and defenses to protect your own assets. No word was given on how this would be earned, whether by doing missions or solely by stealing assets from other players, but it seems as though it's a neat way to continue the stealth-focused gameplay into a more competitive environment.

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