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The Oregon Trail - IN SPACE!

By BloodyFanGirl17-04-2013

Christopher M. Park, founder of Arcen Games, has released a teaser for a new game called Exodus of the Machine on his personal blog. The game is set in the same universe as Arcen's AI War: Fleet Commander and its expansions. This new game will have the player guiding a team stuck on a hostile planet as they pursue a threat that could potentially destroy the human race. That is unless your team has anything to say about it. However there are a number of forces in your way. Political intrigue, battling armies and bloodthirsty predators, oh my!

The game will feature lots of interesting and difficult choices. From the blog post, "None can stand before your modern weapons, but where do you use your limited ammunition?  Do you resort to diplomacy, or native weapons?  Will you fall to disease or run out of food stores?  Can you get to the end in time?" With such a strategy heavy game, it's unsurprising that the blog post goes on to compare this new project with The Oregon Trail.

There's no set release date for the new project other than "soon" though it looks like we'll be playing it before the end of 2013 at least.

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