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The Old Republic F2P Launches

By NeonAnderson16-11-2012

For those among you who have been dying to try Star Wars: The Old Republic, your chance has finally arrived! The Free-to-Play mode has finally launched today.

The game can be downloaded on the official site here and the F2P finalised feature list can be viewed here.

In basic terms, The Old Republic has three different ways of playing. The first is as a subscriber, which grants all benefits and full-unrestricted play. The second is as “preferred status”, this is gained by purchasing $5 or more on the Cartel Store and grants additional bonuses and lifts certain restrictions that free-to-play accounts have. That leaves us just with the fully-fledged free-to-play account; these can still access all story content but have many restrictions that the preferred status accounts and subscribers do not have.

So how will you play Star Wars: The Old Republic? Share your comments below.

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Posts: 20

I'm really skeptical about how well this will turn out for TOR. Logged on earlier to check it out and the whole thing seems to really push you to pay at later levels.

I mean, you only have 2 hot bars if you don't pay. You can get all of your primary skills on there, or I could as a Trooper Commando, but some of my toggles I couldn't put up and I couldn't put my heals on there either. Even though I'm speced as a DPS and don't often use them they're nice to have on hand in case I needed them, especially in PvP.

This will bring in a lot of people for sure at first. But once people get up there in levels they're going to see that if they want to do anything they'll have to start paying.

Posts: 351

I dont think even free to play could get me back into this game.