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The Old Republic F2P Dated

By NeonAnderson09-11-2012

The wait is over for those who have been dying to try out The Old Republic MMO, but just were not yet prepared to pay the purchase price plus monthly subscription. Star Wars: The Old Republic Free-to-Play will launch on November 15.

Players can still choose to subscribe or simply pay for the additional premium bonuses they want “A La Carte”. It is important to note however that if you are not a subscriber, you will earn less experience towards your levels, thus levelling up slower. If you want to find out about the other restrictions, you can check out our previous news post about it here and here.

BioWare has also revealed more details of some of the Cartel Store items and abilities that players can purchase on it. The most notable of which is the ability to freeze your character in Carbonite while out of combat to quickly regenerate your character’s health.

Will you be freezing yourself in Carbonite? Share your comments below.

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I'll probably subscribe for a month to play through the stories I am interested in i.e. the Sith Inquisitor and Bounty Hunter. apart from that, I might go back to my Trooper although I could also attempt the cowardly Jedi's at some point.