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The Old Republic Content Update

By Mokman11-12-2012

Star War: The Old Republic has been out for Free-to-Play for some time now and BioWare is still trying to get the balance right between those that like to pay for the game, and those that prefer to play for free.

Whilst this war between subscribers and non-subscribers reigns, BioWare has gone forth to publish new content for end-game characters. Fighting for an Ancient Hypergate, a new Warzone will see you taking control of several energy pylons to open your own portal which will then enable reinforcements to come through.

As well as that, six repeatable Level 50 Heroic Space Missions offer intense and challenging space battles which, upon successful completion, will earn you Black Hole Commendations usable on ship upgrades, high level gear and more.

While a rather small content update and virtually useless to all those that run around without a Level 50 character, the update does offer some much needed variety for the end-game. No use getting up to level 50 and then thinking: ‘Now what?’.

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Posts: 20

They really need to relax the F2P restrictions. Couldn't fit 1/3 of my abilities as a F2P player on my lvl 50 character, which made those 3 weekly PvP warzones i was allowed to play harder.

I think the best thing going for them is their mod-able armor. I have a lvl 20 something jedi counselor. I've been using the same armor set since 10 and can keep it all the way 50 if i wanted by just switching out the mods. thats really cool and they could do a lot with that by selling exclusive sets on the store instead of nickle and dimeing you for utility abilities and items.

really sad to see this game not be better off. At least it shows that the WoW style model of MMO is dead.

Posts: 596

Looks cool, but I still won't play it. I don't have the time to play SWTOR enough to make the monthly fee bring any value to me and at the same time the F2P restrictions are still far too strict for me to be able to enjoy the game at all. I wish they implement a new subscription system in MMOs, seriously... or go subscription-less like Guild Wars 1 and 2. In terms of subscription systems, the system APB introduced (before it died and got shut down due to major development mistakes and thus poor success) is really nice. Thus where you pay the same monthly rate, but you get that month in hours. E.g. SWTOR is what? 12 pounds per month or something? If I recall... but imagine getting then for that 12 pounds instead of one fixed month of play, a month's worth in gameplay hours. That kind of system works much better for me as then I can play 1 hour each month and not be wasting 12 pounds each month, while the hardcore will still be dishing out about 12 pounds each month.