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The Old Blood Returns to Castle Wolfenstein

By zethalee06-05-2015

By all accounts, Wolfenstein: The New Order was a marvelous shooter, rich with detail, variety, and downright fun. As it turns out, Machinegames is in the interest of making more of a good thing, and thus, we were gifted with the news that The Old Blood would be coming to PC sometime this year. That time is now, and with it comes a gameplay release trailer.

As far as the story is concerned, The Old Blood serves as a prequel to The New Order, and it's not required that you have to have played both in order to get full enjoyment. As it stands, your objective is to infiltrate Castle Wolfenstein so that you can learn the coordinates of Dr. Deathshead's doomfortress. From details revealed in an interview it looks like the action is more of the same with more of the stealthy nazi-stabbing that marked some sections of The New Order. Of note is the fact that the undead/supernatural army is returning in the second half of The Old Blood, though it's currently unclear as to how that will play out.

Also, throughout the game, the player has the opportunity to collect all 9 chapters of Wolfenstein 3D's first episode. Sprinkled throughout each of The Old Blood's chapters, once unlocked, they can be accessed at any time by finding a bed and going to sleep, hence the “Nightmare” moniker given to the chapters. The game is out now on Steam for 19.99 USD, and if you don't own The New Order, you can pick that up in a bundle as well.

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