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The NSA’s Got Nothin’ On This

By breadbitten04-11-2013

Here's something that no one probably expected, Red Barrel's ultimate photojournalist simulator Outlast is getting DLC. Curiously titled 'Outlast: Whistleblower' the DLC will...

"...take players on another horrifying journey through Mount Massive Asylum and into the depths of the human mind. As the whistleblower whose anonymous tip brought original protagonist Miles Upshur to Mount Massive on one fateful night, you'll encounter the experiments and abuse (conducted in the name of science, of course) that led to the asylum's downfall – in fact, your encounter may be a bit too close for comfort..."

...according to the press release issued by the studio. Being set in the same asylum expect a lot of recycled environments (although the devs do promise new environments), frantic chases, scavenging for curiously-placed batteries and of course a sexy nightvision filter. No specifc release date has been issued so far, but it's not too far-fetched to expect it coming out sometime before the end of 2014...unless something goes horribly wrong in Red Barrels' offices and we have to send out one of our intrepid journalists to try and find out the date by ourselves.


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I haven't played this yet, but it does look good and the DLC some interesting as well.