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The Next look at Everquest Next!

By Toast02-09-2013

That's right folks, another look at Everquest Next, SOE's sequel to both Everquest 1 and 2. Brought to you by PCGamer at PAX, we get to have a little brief look on more of the gameplay and how it's expected to look. It looks pretty fluent so far, although this is still early footage and we're bound to see a whole lot more in the coming months. We also get to see a little look at the Landmark feature of building and landscaping, although we only know for certain that is to be used to build your own land, and possibly sell it. Could it be possible to duel in these places too? Maybe we'll find out.

Although there is no solid release date stated yet, it is expected that the MMO may launch next year, probably in the later half during Q4.

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