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The New Wolfenstein

By drcoolio34516-05-2014

Have you ever felt that "Shooting, Stabbing, and Strangling Nazis" has always been your calling but you've been unable to find some German music or giant Nazi robots to actually do it with? Well, Wolfenstein: The New Order just released their new trailer titled "House of the rising sun" with plenty of all that.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Wolfenstein series, the basics are that Germany has conquered the world after WW2, you’re a guy with a gun, and you have to take down an absurd amount of Nazis with your absurd guns and health, so it's a shooter. Wolfenstein was one of the founding fathers of the shooter genre starting with Wolfenstein 3D back in the early 90s, so here's to hoping that Wolfenstein: The New Order has some more of that innovation to bring back to the shooter genre.

Until next time Pixel Judge readers, Auf Wiedersehen.

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