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The New SC2 Interface

By SavageOcto17-01-2013

If you're a fan of the Starcraft 2 eSports scene you'll be excited to hear of the new SC2Interface feature coming to Heart of the Swarm, which allows spectators to watch a game with completely customizable UI. While you'll have to go into the game's files to do it, you can change the layout, icons, fonts, or completely get rid of elements. To get the full details of the new feature over on the battle.net forums.

This is big news for fans of seeing StarCraft as a spectator sport. Streamers, casters, and tournament holders can now fully customize the display and UI. This can give them all a unique look and feel visually beyond just having an overlay on their video feeds, and important step in pushing eSports forward.

Heart of the Swarm is set for a March 12 release. Hopefully Blizzard doesn't decide it needs to delay it any further.

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