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The New LEGO Batman Isn't Just LEGO Batman

By MrJenssen30-07-2014

Okay, so the LEGO Batman games have always been more like "LEGO DC Heroes" games, as they consistently ramp up the amount of playable characters from the DC universe in each new title. LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is no exception. Promising to show off over 150 characters from the DC universe, including at least 50 playable ones, it's almost a bit strange that they've gone with "LEGO Batman" of all things.

But hey, while I haven't been a fan of the LEGO videogames since about halfway through the first LEGO Star Wars, even I must admit that this trailer makes the game look sufficiently entertaining and over-the-top. It's set to release sometime this fall, on just about every platform under the Sun. And then some.

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